Best Kayak for Women Reviews and Buying Guide

As the popularity of kayaking grows, so does the variety of Best Kayak for Women available. However, as a woman, you must consider your unique requirements while searching for a kayak. You’ll want to look around for a kayak designed with female anatomy in mind. Consider your level of expertise, the amount of gear you’re willing to bring, and the kind of kayaking you want to do. We looked at several different characteristics, including those designed Best Kayak for Women in mind, to determine which kayak was the best. The first consideration is the kayak’s intended use. While some may like a leisurely row across the lake, others prefer a vigorous run.

Best Kayak for Women
Best Kayak for Women

Consider not just how you’ll transport the kayak but also whether or not you have the space in your car or house to keep it. Finally, we considered the kayaks’ weight capacities because that factor might enhance or diminish the fun of the activity. The Pelican Kayak Sentinel 100X is our favorite because of its superior combination of these qualities. We spent many weeks digging into the topic on our own, and we also read many customer evaluations to see how their experiences compared to ours. Finally, we ensured we knew exactly what we were getting by reading expert evaluations and technical specifications. You’ll find a comparison table, detailed reviews of each product, and a shopping guide to assist you in selecting here. Since we know you can’t wait to hit the water, here are some of the finest kayaks available to women.

Perception Hi Life 11 | Sit on Top Kayak
  • Length: 101′
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 280 pounds

The Hi-Life 11 from Perception is a mixed design that provides exceptional performance for paddlers with intermediate to expert skill levels. If you are still deciding between purchasing a brand-new kayak or getting started in the world of standup paddle boarding, this is a fantastic option to consider.

This product is the recipient of the 2018 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), and it features a detachable fin that improves tracking control, an elevated seat that has a cooler built in underneath it, built-in mounting tracks for kayak GPS units or portable fish finders, deck cushioning that provides a grippy surface for standing, and a lot more besides.

Perception Zip 9.5
  • Length: 9’6″
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Deck Height: 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

The key selling points of the sit-on-top kayak designed by Perception called the Zip 9.5 are its ease of use and stability. In addition, it has a sitting region that has been anatomically sculpted for improved comfort, and it has numerous locations for the footrest that have been molded so that it may suit paddlers of varying heights.

Even though it does not come with its own cushioned kayak seat, it does contain deck loop attachment points that make it simple to fasten even the most comfortable kayak seat in place. Additionally, it has a large amount of open storage space rigged with bungee cords and is located between the bow deck and the rear tank well. This area is ideal for storing a small kayak cooler bag.

Perception Flash 9.5 | Sit Inside Kayak
  • Length: 9’6″
  • Width: 28.5 inches
  • Deck Height: 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds

The Flash 9.5 is a kayak that is a sit-inside adaptation of the Perception Zip kayak. Because of this, this kayak is a better option for paddlers who are at an intermediate level and who frequently visit locations where it is more likely that wind or rain will bring water into the cockpit of a sit-on-top kayak.

The well-cushioned seat bottom and backrest, in addition to the somewhat raised seat located in the cockpit, help keep you dry and elevated above any water that may make its way into the cockpit. When it comes to the hull, the bottom of this kayak is designed with twin tracking channels that will keep you steady and provide you with a remarkable degree of efficiency.

AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Convertible Inflatable Kayak
  • Length: 13′
  • Width: 39 inches
  • Packed Size: 26.5” x 24.5” x 11.5”
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds


The following three kayaks on our list are of the inflatable kind, so if you live in a smaller location, such as an apartment, or do not have much room in your house for storage, this may be a good option. Inflatable kayaks are a perfect option for those with smaller cars or who want to avoid carrying their kayak on a roof rack. They are also a good alternative for people who want to save money.

Because it simulates the experience of sitting inside a kayak, the Navarro 130 has a design that sets it apart from other inflatable boats on the market. This kayak has a length of 13 feet, and adding a detachable deck with a zip closure makes it more comfortable for paddlers farther along in their paddling careers.

Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak
  • Length: 11′
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Depth: 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The Driftsun Almanor is yet another high-quality inflatable kayak that outperforms rivals offered at a lower price point. It is best suited for flat water and quiet days, although it can handle minor chops in an ocean environment. It was built for touring, and leisure paddling and is best suited for flat water and calm days.

This kayak also comes with a number of the accessories that you will need to get started, such as a folding kayak paddle, a cushioned and adjustable seat, and a dual-action pump that enables you to inflate the kayak to its maximum capacity in less than ten minutes.

Type of Best Kayak for Women

It is impossible to state that one style of kayak is typically more comfortable than another since it will rely a great deal on you and your preferences. However, when we get to discussing sit-in and sit-on-top designs and comfy chairs, we’ll discuss this topic in further detail.

Sit-in or sit-on-top?

People often find this to be the most challenging category from which to choose. Sit-in kayaks, such as the Tribute, go much faster than other kayaks, track relatively straight, and provide enclosed storage areas for your stuff. Not only that, but the shape of this boat’s hull will shield you from the sun, the wind, and the rain fairly well. These features make the ship an excellent option for paddling to a specific location. In addition, because the kayak will shield you from most elements, you won’t be as affected by the chilly wind and water.

Sit-on-top kayaks, such as the Pelican Kayak, also have their advantages. As a general rule, you should only use them in somewhat warm seas. There are many different types of storage space, but your items will generally be exposed to air. Nevertheless, they are an excellent alternative if the previous type makes you feel too confined or claustrophobic. If your boat starts to capsize, you won’t need to learn how to make a wet escape either. They also have the most uncomplicated access, which makes them perfect for a wide range of applications.

Dimensions and weight

This is vital information before selecting, given that you must find a place to keep and move it. It will be much more challenging to perform any of those things if they are heavy and extended. Kayaks sold at a lower price are often more severe than their more costly counterparts. There is no set length, and the price is not always proportional to the size.

Weight capacity

A kayak’s weight will often directly correlate with the amount of weight it can support. If you increase its weight capacity, it will almost always go up in weight as well; however, this is not constantly the issue and is not a law. Consider how much you weigh and how much assistance you’ll need to get through this. If you are not honest with yourself, you are not doing yourself any favors and should change that immediately.


When it comes to kayaking, or indeed any other activity, comfort is of the utmost importance. If you are not comfortable in your kayak, you won’t be able to enjoy your time on the water to the extent you should, and it may even dissuade you from using it. What a costly way to throw money away! In light of this information, you should seek one that has a cushioned seat and footrests. A plus point is awarded if the center and the footrests can be adjusted.


Kayaks will typically come with a guarantee valid for at least five years. That’s a substantial amount of time. On the other hand, some come with warranties that last a limited lifetime, which is about as good as it gets! Because manufacturers aren’t going to provide those types of guarantees to flimsy models, this will also attest to how stable the kayak is, as it can withstand the elements.

Final Thoughts

We believe that the Perception Tribe 9.5 is the most excellent option for those seeking a craft that is not only maneuverable but also relatively small in size. It can be paddled on various lakes and has a large storage box, so you can carry along more supplies in addition to the spacious sitting area it provides. The Perception Tribute 10, which has a roomy cabin and a seat that can be adjusted in several different ways, comes in very close second place. A bonus point is awarded because it was created with women in mind. The Pelican Sport Athena 100X is an excellent alternative to consider if you are looking for a light, small, and simple boat for a single person to hoist by themselves. And it was created with women in mind.

These boats have been created to be simple to paddle, carry, and manage and offer a large amount of space in the cockpit to make the experience more comfortable Best Kayak for Women. Remember, unlike jeans, not all Best Kayak for Women will fit all women! It all comes down to how you feel about your clothes and how well they work. And if you feel more comfortable paddling in a man’s kayak, that’s also perfectly OK. However, before you go in the water, it is vital to consider the length and weight of the kayak, particularly if you will be transporting it by yourself.