Shimano Metanium Dc

My favorite reel is a Shimano Metanium DC best baitcasting reel, and I have many of them. The reel was created to make “worry-free fishing” possible and lives up to its name. However, because of the cost, I would not suggest that novice fishers purchase the reel. If you know how to use a baitcaster and are willing to spend the money, it will be easy to discover a better baitcaster on the market. However, it is ideal for beginners to learn, How to use reels that don’t have this amount of technology in a reel. That is because of learning. Using a reel without this amount of technology in a reel is ideal for beginners.

Shimano Metanium Dc
Shimano Metanium Dc

Shimano Metanium Dc Product Technologies

CI4+: The CI4+ standard is an upgraded and improved version of the previous CI4 standard. This highly advanced material has a stiffness that is 2.5 times higher than that of CI4 and utilizes to achieve more significant weight reductions.

CoreSolid Body: The B-Side Plate, level wind guard, and frame are all integrated into a single, solid component of the CoreSolid Body’s structure. That is the preferred structure of its kind to be implemented into a low-profile baitcasting reel, providing a sensation of stiffness and sensitivity unparalleled in the industry.

Cross Carbon Drag: This drag material offers a broader range of drag settings and delivers Shimano’s smoothest drag performance. Cross Carbon Drag drove of cross-linked carbon fiber.

Hagane Body: The HAGANE Body is a robust metal reel. The body’s inherent rigidity and resistance to impact almost exclude any possibility of bending. Consequently, the outcome immediately converts the fisherman’s movements into cranking power. It’s all around completing most of your strengths. 

MGL III Spool: That Spool is an extremely thin spool that goes to great lengths to achieve a low moment of inertia. Because of its slim design, which has a width of 19 mm and an outside diameter of 34 mm, the spool’s moment of inertia has reduced by about 15% compared to the second-generation MGL Spool. The result is an unmatched casting performance.

Shimano Metanium Dc MicroModule Gear:

The retrieval is made much easier by the MicroModule Gear mechanism. In addition, the new gear set utilizes teeth that are both smaller and more numerous than those previously used. Because of this, there are increased contact points between the pinion gear and the driving gear. The end effect is a gear train that is more efficient yet has less of a “feel” to it.

S3D Spool: That Shimano Metanium Dc technology results in a significant dampening of spool vibration.S3D offers an extraordinarily smooth experience while casting and retrieving lures by inventing a balanced and homogeneous thin wall aluminum-built spool. That contributes to the company’s overall success. 

Super Free Spool: During the casting process, the Super Free Spool develops to reduce or eliminate the amount of friction experienced on the spool shaft. When the clutch bar is depressed on a regular baitcasting reel, the pinion gear is released and may drag on the spool shaft, which creates friction that can restrict the length of a throw. This happens when the clutch bar is depressed. When using Super Free Spool, the pinion gear is held in place by a ball bearing. That ensures that the pinion gear and the spool shaft remain perfectly aligned even when the clutch withdrew to prepare for a cast. Consequently, there will be no friction on the spool shaft.


  • Looks amazing! In addition to the silvery-gray one that is the default, it comes in five other colors. 
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive bait caster with a low profile, the zirconia line guide is one of the most delicate systems you can acquire.


  • Some fishermen feel that the price point is too high and cannot justify it. I believe it is an outstanding product, but I know there is a specific market for this reel and that every person will never acquire it. 

Favorite moment with this gear

The experience I experienced fishing on Lake Lanier in Georgia was the highlight of my time with this reel. I went fishing when the active striped bass season was on Lake Lanier. During this time of year, the striped bass swims extremely quickly around the lake, chasing balls of bait (shad) and even leaping out of the water to consume their prey. While trying to catch these fish, I was fishing on a boat with a couple of my pals. When you feel this manner, you have minimal time to cast on the school after you have arrived there since the fish will quickly move on to another school of bait.

Also, because of the casting distance of my reel, I can throw my topwater spook before anybody else, which keeps my lure in a frenzy for a longer time. As a result, I could catch the most significant number of fish during that trip, all on topwater super spooks, which was much fun. 


I believe the Shimano Metanium Dc reel is one of the most excellent reels available on the market since it is simple to use, has a long casting distance, and is of high quality overall; thus, you should not give up the possibility of using it if it ever presents itself.